April 1st, 2013

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another day in paradise

felix and howler came in at the same time and they are laying two feet apart cleaning themselves. so cute.

bagira took vader's comfy chair today. at first we thought there was going to be a fight over it, but vader acquiesced. bagira has been asleep there for hours. i have him answering to "baggy" now, just like the movie. (the animated Jungle Book) the thing i'm trying to teach him now is that when he wants up, he doesn't need to stand and meow for permission, he is to jump right up and demand my attention. he's catching on slowly, he jumped up in my lap yesterday.

yesterday, i met our new room mate, S. and her dog, milo. there's this huge melodramatic story behind it, but what it boils down to is that they will be living here. milo isn't at all interested in the cats. so it was a peaceful visit. and S is really cool. i like her.

howler's tail has completely healed. the fur has started to grow back. we figure he had it when he followed us home, and we didn't notice it. and that is why he was so howly. too late now, his name is howler. doc calls him howler-evie. or "the cat who shall not be named".

lelu is up to a can of food a day with supplemental food. she is really starting to gain her weight back.

speaking of weight, freddie's is getting out of hand. she waddles when she walks now, her legs are so short and her belly is so fat. i am not sure what we're going to do about it since we feed them out of a never-ending feeder that they have access to all the time.

simon's weight seems to have plateaued with a nice little pot belly. vader is growing like a weed. seriously, he's keeping up with the weeds outside.

felix caught a lizard today, which is NOT okay. i thought he killed it, but he just knocked it out and gave it a head wound. i held it until it moved again and then put it back under the shed. felix got a scolding that left him stinging and looking for mice to play with. and he pouted for a while because i took the lizard away.

the only thing i will say about the shit that is going on around us like we are in the eye of a hurricane is that it is hard to watch people self destruct, even if you don't particularly like them.