March 29th, 2013

2013, cyd, new

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2013, cyd, new

short nails, much better i can type now

after spending about three and a half hours on assembling and arranging it (and i'm not even half way through the Bowie discography) the ultimate playlist, i'm finally listening to it. paradise for my ears and brain. i've done a really good job this time mixing the depressing with the hyper. so your mood goes up and down really fast and doesn't have time to linger. and there's more hyper songs than depressing. i'm really proud of this playlist. i don't feel at all it was wasted time. nor the future time i plan on spending on it. i plan to go through ALL of my music.

and then this summer, i'm going to hook up an external hard drive and rip all my CDs. i can't believe i still haven't done that. too easy to find a song on the internet. curse the internet for being an excuse for me. heh. right now the excuse is that all my CDs are at the bottom of a huge box of CDs under other boxes in the corner of the mudroom. i have to put the rack in the corner. then get doc to dig out the box and sit here and go through it.

then, the big project, finding every computer related disc and putting it in it's own rack. i have a rack for that and a bunch of empty holders. time to organize this shit.

i don't know why, but i suddenly feel at home here. i'm even going to put up art, finally. the old Wall of Reflection is coming out of retirement and going into my bedroom to reflect the tube lights. i found an ani difranco poster that got bent, that i'm going to iron out and put in doc's room. i want it in my room, but it's his and i want him to be comfortable in his own room, which he isn't, now.

yeah, i wanna get my hands on those CDs. time to go do that.