March 27th, 2013

2013, cyd, new

short and sweet

okay, there are things about computers that i like. such as, media player playlists. i'm making one right now of ALL of my music. not including it al, just going through it all and finding the favorites. i have a lot of music, and someday soon i will buy an mp3 player that holds more than 50 songs. and this playlist will be on it.

i accidentally almost spent part of my rent money. i had $2 to spare when i checked my account. yikes. some of that did go to bills and food, but i renewed one of my domains for a year, and registered vader with the microchip company, and paid postage on my gift to mom. (kelli's)

i'm trying to type quietly, which means slowly, and strangely enough i make more errors the slower i type. to me that's silliness.

all the cats have been fed and all are spread about cleaning themselves. i'd take some video but it's too dark in here.

doc promised he was going to stop couch surfing and go back to bed soon. i know he wants to buy a new mattress and has saved the money to do so, i am thinking the two will coincide.

i know i'm keeping doc awake with my typing, so i'm going to stop now. bye.