March 26th, 2013

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simon is stalking me

he's been following me around since i got up and he's trying to sneak up on me right now.

felix and howler are outside on the patio relaxing on the chairs. i took freddie out to chase bugs earlier and she's now passed out on the floor sleeping off the activity.

doc and i are getting along better than we have in years. i didn't want to write about it and jinx it, but it's been a while now. the move here and subsequent expulsion of mike from our lives has brought us closer together than we have been in a long time. having separate rooms helps. though we spend a lot of time together. mostly in the living room. he watches netflix on here a lot. we go outside together when he takes cigarette breaks and talk about stuff.

the jack disappearance also worked to our marital advantage, which is kind of sad. we just needed things to be together on. a common enemy, a common cause.

we're still trying to keep drama out of our lives while keeping people in it. a friend wants to move in with us and we are four square against it. another thing we're together in.

i can't understand how people can breed and not grow up at all. we have friends who are acting like they are in their 20's and they are our age and have a child. and they are acting like bratty teens. it blows me away. if you can't take care of yourself, why would you bring a child into the world? and the kid is an unattended brat. he hates doc because doc is the only one that says "no" to him. there was a scary moment when i thought the kid would come stay with us with his mom and freaked. my house is cat safe, not kid safe. and i am not kid safe. i don't deal with kids well. especially bratty ones.

i'm out of anti depressants. this should be fun. i have to call and nag the doctor's office today. stupid doctor. which reminds me that i need to get the # from doc for a new shrink. i have no faith that mine is going to get things sorted with my meds.

my big fear is that i'll have a meltdown and end up in hospital again. it's been what, three years i've managed to stay out of there? i'd like to keep the record going.
2013, cyd, new

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