March 22nd, 2013

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after another short hiatus

let's see . . . i just watched three episodes of Derek, so i'm feeling kind of melancholy. it's a great show. it plays in england, so torrent it if you can. it's written and directed by Ricky Gervais, but it isn't what you would expect from his past work. it's amazing. it has totally changed the way i view the elderly. it's a show that makes you think and feel. i love it.

felix caught a mouse the other night. out on the patio. a big field mouse. once it passed out, felix lost interest and it got up and left. what else has felix been up to? he jumped down off the roof today, that was interesting. i have no idea how he gets up there.

the others are all fine. still nothing on jack. i can't think about it. it makes me cry. the email from the shelter is all full of ragdolls right now. they just make me sad and cling to simon. simon isn't precisely happy about this, but he'll get over it. he's just happy to have his bed back. and even happier that i've started hanging out in my room to read. then he gets to cuddle up with me and i always have a free hand for fuzzles.

lelu is gaining more weight. she's up to a can every two days, supplemented with dry food and the evening meal. she's looking very healthy. and i really can't say enough about the cosequin and the effect it's having on her. today when i called her to come in, she actually ran to me. i haven't seen her run in a long time.

kelli's vacation just passed. she opted not to come out here this year, the cost of travel being what it is. it turned out she wished she came out, it was beautiful and in the 80s here.

i have to send doc to the nursery this weekend. i want to plant an herb garden in the terra cotta pots he brought me. and we have a big pot that i want to grow tomatoes in for him. he loves fresh vine ripened tomatoes. i can do that for him, i think. look it up on the internet so i don't kill the plant. i also need to rake the yard for him. i know he's been putting it off because of the allergens, we are surrounded by mulberry trees. so i thought i'd do it for him.

speaking of doc, time to get him some coffee and stop listening to this depressing music. just a word of warning, anything by the 80's band Cause and Effect is depressing. they were emo before emo was.
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2013, cyd, new

something pithy

damn these mulberry trees. they are in full bloom and all three of them are raining down pollen filled pods like a downpour. i love being outside, but it's killing me. doc is out sweeping the poison pods off the driveway.

doc accidentally mixed allergy medications yesterday and it truly fucked him up. he woke me up at four something telling me he didn't feel good. there was nothing i could do for him, but i got up and sat with him until he had fallen asleep a couple of hours later. by the time i got up at 2 this afternoon (i guess the insomnia is over), he was normal again.