March 15th, 2013

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just a wee update

the valium took time to work, but i'm not rocking or bouncing my legs much anymore. i was bouncing my legs last night and doc made me take a few laps up and down the hallway, but i was listening to the foo fighters, so i have an excuse. and i needed a valium.

the cats are all fine. the sore on howler's tail is healing really well. he lets me inspect it now without the howl. got a couple of texts about found cats today, but no solid leads. i have to go out and reposter. maybe i'll do that today, it's supposed to be in the 90s. nice day to take a slow walk. meander around the area putting up fliers.

we forgot to pay the gas bill, heh. (that's a pain, having the money to pay it and just spacing it.) and we can't get the pilot light on the water heater back on. we are totally gas ignorant, we've always had electric appliances. so the property managers are sending over a plumber. i'm sitting waiting for a call.

i'm also waiting for a call from my useless shrink's office about my meds. they still haven't worked that out and now the pharmacy company wants to talk to my doctor, and as far as i know, he doesn't use the phone. i really need to start looking for a new doctor. i forgot i'll have to wait for a 45 minute preliminary appointment before starting the med maintenance. i always forget that.

i called kelli and wished her happy birthday early. i'll call her again sunday and find out how it went. she's going down to the south side for st. patrick's day, and i imagine it's about like bourboun st. at mardi gras. i do not envy her. she bought herself hockey tickets for herself for her birthday and had a great time, so that makes up for it. i never thought of it, hockey tickets, what a simple gift, and so obvious for her, and it just never occurred to me. meh.