February 23rd, 2013

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it's all a blur

the past few days have been a blur of smoking, coffee, sleep, looking for jack. with my meds thrown in there for effect. there has also been some house cleaning.

doc went and got collars for the four who didn't have them. i have to attach rabies tags and assign the collars today once doc wakes up. then, instead of silence and growling there will be dinging and growling. though i have to say the growling is calming down. not felix, he's pissed. but the rest of them are calming down and getting used to each other. communal feeding sources. that's my answer to how to socialize cats.

i keep hoping i'll see jack in the shelter email. i think i will send doc over there today to check, just in case he didn't make it into the email. i would go if i could drive the scooter to save doc the pain. he just wants to bring them all home. and i would be the same way, but i'd rather i was in pain than doc. but it's good to check, just in case.

the sky is getting light. sunrise soon. it was too cold this morning, so i didn't go look for jack. i wimped out. but doc made up new fliers and we're going to blanket the area with them today. he posted the reward on the flier, so maybe that will be incentive for whomever has him to give him up. they could afford a new cat and all the trimmings for the reward money. doc's not fucking around, he wants his cat back. we all do.

now on to the mystery of the leather. there was no note. mike didn't say anything to doc at work about it. it just appeared on the outside of the security gate one morning. i i guess mike has decided not to be such a dick. or maybe he felt bad for me because it's winter. who cares? i have my precious leather back. i guess i'm not getting a flight jacket after all. heh.