February 19th, 2013

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great news and not so great news

great news: this morning my leather was hanging on the handle of the security gate. the whole thing is a mystery but i don't care, i have my leather back!

not so great news: still nothing on jack. i still wander the neighborhood at dawn looking for him and sometimes at 2am as well.

i saw my shrink today and told him how mad i was and we talked and bottom line, i'm not changing doctors. and he sent my script in electronically so it's already being processed and gave me some samples to tide me over.

the cats are doing well. bagira has some sort of stomach upset and has shit all over the place. but that's par for the course, his food changed. and evie blocked off the litter box bagira uses with a cat food bag. she goes nuts in there at night.

felix has started a "keep off my mommy" campaign. so the new cats are bonding with doc more than me. bagira doesn't care, he just looks at felix and growls back. as long as there is no fighting on me, i'll let it work itself out.