February 14th, 2013

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cats cats cats

V has adopted us. she won't leave. she's well behaved so she can stay as long as she wants. doc wanted a two syllable name, so i went with Evie. from V for Vendetta. that was i can still call her V for Visitor. i keep thinking she'll go home. maybe she likes it here better. she's curled up in her box in the mudroom right now. another black cat. we've got to get collars for them, so i can tell them apart in a hurry. god help me when jack comes back.

little girl is easy to identify on the fly. she's short with a tiny head and big fat belly. bagira is easy, too. he's got long fur.

yesterday simon curled up with me on the loveseat. he rarely does that. i have to steam clean our bed today so we can have it back.