February 10th, 2013

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litterbox issues

vader has been sent to the back bathroom, where he has a big cushy bed and his own open litter box. it's the only open litter box in the house and i want him to think of it as his. he's probably afraid of the lidded litter boxes because they're too much like cages.

i miss him. there's no skinny cat at my feet, hogging my space heater. but we can't have him going to the bathroom willy nilly, so this is a necessary step. painful as it is for me.

we didn't set V free. it rained today and i didn't want to set her free in the rain. so i gave her treats and much love and i'm going to go in with catnip in a little while and see if she digs that. oh, how i want to keep her. whoever owns her is very lucky to have such an amazing cat.

i was just absentmindedly petting a cat and i looked down to see who it was and it was vader. he broke out of the bathroom. he's now curled up with doc. he's so damn sweet.
2013, cyd, new


doc had no luck finding jack today again and last night. which led him to ask if i was sure i hadn't hallucinated jack at the apartments. and i couldn't say i was sure. i hate myself right now.