February 8th, 2013


on jack

don't give up, they tell me
and i see you
i hear you running
running away from me
i go out in the middle of the night
just to find you
and i do but
you won't come to me
and i can't bring you home
don't give up, they tell me

i went out at 2am to look for jack. saw the same cat as yesterday morning. again, it ran from me. but this time i heard bells. i'm almost sure it was him. he's never come to me. i don't know what i'm doing going out looking for him. it only leads to me walking home down the middle of the street crying my eyes out.

vader is his daddy's cat. he's spending less and less time with me and when doc is home, vader is glued to his side.

i'll feel better once he has a collar. i'll also feel better when felix has a collar. since felix is out all the time. not enough people put collars on their cats. if V had a collar, we might have avoided this mix up. and the weather is too bad to let him go. it's too cold and windy and it's going to rain today.

it's going to rain today. usually that fills me with joy. not with jack out there. i don't want it to rain. i want the weather to be nice for jack so he doesn't get sick.

i want my cat back.