February 6th, 2013

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another trip to the animal shelter

three more possibles today plus the one from yesterday. doc's doing a half day of work today, so i'll send him to the shelter after.

i've got to go on dawn patrol really far away. we got word of a sighting. if it's jack, he's moving in the wrong direction, headed for the freeway. we've got to find him before he reaches it. the woman who called with the sighting said she lost her cat about a year ago and it was three weeks to a month before it came back. so not to give up hope.

vader is curled up in the kitchen on the new rug. good taste that cat has. as long as it's not simon laying on the rug, he blends and gets tripped over.

at least it's been warm at night and during the day so i'm not worried about jack catching cold. well. i'm a little worried. he did catch his last one over the summer. but i try not to worry about that and just think of him in someone's living room curled up on the comfy chair.
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more jack sightings

this time on a street near here and across from the apartments, and at the apartments. we went and called and shook treats. we found and captured another stray cat that we're taking to the no kill shelter tomorrow. we'd adopt it but we can't. vader was it for a while. a long while.

still no jack. maybe he'll come out tonight. doc will go back to the apartments and see if he can find jack. please please please let him be there. i miss my jackie boy. vader is a great cat, but he's not jack. he looks at me with that face that's jack's but he behaves so differently.

so jack is moving back closer to us. and he ended up in the apartments. maybe soon. maybe.
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epic fail

i couldn't go on dawn patrol this morning. it was just too far, with too many turns. i studied the map, but got more and more anxious until i started throwing up. then i woke doc up and told him he'd have to go, but he didn't get up in time. but that was before we got the new sightings.

we've decided to let the cat go. it's fixed, and can't do any harm, so there's no point in taking it to the shelter. he's well fed and well behaved. for all i know, we snatched someone's pet. so we'll let it go tomorrow. let it go home. it is what i would want someone to do with jack. it's the right thing to do.

vader has been sleeping with doc all afternoon/evening. i posted a pic of it on my twitter feed. twitter.com/cydniey

tomorrow i bring fishie out. he's had some time to get used to things. he doesn't growl at the other cats any more. it is time for him to play. he's had nip. time for fishie. freddie will enjoy it too, and they can bond over it.

i watched Silver Linings Playbook and i have to say, he did a good bipolar. i wasn't really getting her crazy, though. good movie. i'm glad i watched it. robert deniro was great, as usual.