February 4th, 2013

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we named him Vader

the new kitty. his name is vader. and he is so damn cute! he is the total twin of jack with the exception of his eyes. they are yellow, jack's are green. other than that, their wiry fur is the same, their big noses and ears . . . everything. no white spots on vader, so we'll be able to identify him from a distance, if we can see his chest. i don't know how we're going to tell them apart except for close up once jack comes home.

the cats are just ignoring him, letting him wander around. we were going to keep him locked in doc's bathroom for the first week, but he wanted out so badly, doc gave in to him and let him out to roam the house. he stayed out for a couple hours, until he growled at lelu, now he's back in the bathroom.

we got a call about a jack sighting today!! two days ago, three pm, running through yards. red tag and all. in a neighborhood way above ours. one that doc papered on a whim. so tomorrow we're going up to search. it was too late when we found out today. i couldn't get there alone and doc had to go get Vader. so we go tomorrow. and i'm studying the map so i may try to go on dawn patrol.

it's our first sighting, and first really positive call about his whereabouts. we've had a lot of calls this weekend. people are so nice. always disappointed they don't have the right cat. they always wish us luck and tell us not to give up and for some reason always assure us they will keep looking for jack for us.

we now have all the vets that we know of in the area looking for jack to come in to their offices. they all have fliers. they all know about the secret mark. for identification purposes. doc has really done a lot of networking. i've talked to a lot of neighbors. the new fliers that went up yesterday just have my number on them. i i collect the calls/voice mails all day, and then listen to them on doc's phone so i don't have to use my minutes on them.

doc had a nip fest while i was asleep last night. when i got up, there was catnip everywhere and all the cats were covered in it. when vader ran across the container today, he started clawing at it, so i gave him some. he ate a little, but was too nervous to enjoy it.

i keep expecting jack to emerge from the hallway. i miss him so much. i hope he's okay. i'm so mad at him for running away and getting lost and on the other hand i just want to hold him and squeeze him. i'd give anything to hear his bells coming down the hallway again. i want my cat back.

bagira is now spending more time out of the mudroom than in it. he's stopped hissing at the other cats, unless they get in his face. he craves affection and isn't afraid to demand it. and he's sneaky about it. all of a sudden you notice he's partially in your lap. purring loudly and meowing periodically.

we've given in with lelu. she takes cosequin supplements for her legs and we've been feeding it too her in "good" food. the $2 a can stuff. she decided she didn't like it anymore, she wanted friskies, junk food. we tried to resist and tried everything we could to get her to eat the good food, but finally we gave in today and medicated a can of friskies. we've had to take it away from her twice because she eats it so fast we're afraid she's going to puke. the way i figure it, she's old, she can have what she wants. as long as she takes her medicine. because she is a different cat on cosequin. she is so much happier.

tomorrow i'm going to see if i can get freddie and vader to bond over a game of fishie. fishie is on a wand, hard to resist. freddie's favorite toy. vader seems like the type to like something like that. and it worked for freddie and jack. i would play with them together and they ended up being close friends.

simon walks around like he's above it all, which i guess he is. he lives here, and he acknowledges us, but he's not part of the family. he's kind of apart from it. but he sleeps in social areas and comes out for nip fests. i've even gotten him to relax and play a couple of times. he's just taking longer to adjust to the social aspect because he has his own room to hang out in.

that's the kitty run down for the week of the fourth.
2013, cyd, new

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