February 1st, 2013

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mrs. moriarty threatened to kill us

it was so weird. last night i went to bed at midnight. and doc went to get ready for work. he woke me up at 1 with a message on his phone. i couldn't make it out, it was just some woman yelling into the phone.

so i had him play the message over again and it was mrs. moriarty, going nuts on the phone message. threatening to kill us if we came by or she caught us on her property or calling her again. of course if she found jack she would still call us. but stay away or she'd "kill our asses".

so now i'm waiting until a "decent" hour to call her and try to find out what happened. doc went over at 9 and they were both out to meet him and they took him on a tour of the property and let him look for and call jack. the dogs liked him and he seemed to get along with the couple okay. i have no idea what happened between 9 and midnight, which is when she called.
2013, cyd, new

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