January 31st, 2013

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i have a good feeling about today

maybe it's finally getting several hours of sleep. maybe i'm just bolstered by the near miss yesterday. but i have a good feeling about today and jack.

doc is going to the house with the barn where the strays hang out. jack is a social cat, he gets along with everyone. he's low on the stray cat totem pole, so he won't be seen as a threat. chances are he could have joined a cat community. the woman with the barn sounds like she feeds the strays and takes care of them. maybe he's there.

there's another hopeful at the shelter for doc to go look at. it's so hard to tell from the pictures. the cats are often angry or scared and look different than themselves. it didn't say if he was neutered or not. they really need to specify that. it would rule out half the cats doc's gone to see.

i finally sent kelli my music collection. well, 59 gigs of it. i have another 40 gigs of tv shows for her. stuff like torchwood. stuff she's missed. firefly. she never saw firefly. she saw serenity, but never the series. among other things, she's missing a nekkid nathan fillion.

i posted pictures of bagira on twitter. he was on doc's lap for a rare affection session. usually you have to go to him. this time he came to doc.
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mrs. moriarty might have jack

she has a guest house with a dog door. she's going to go through it and look for him. she has a shed with a cat hiding under it. didn't respond to me. and she has a garage with a dog door that she is going to go through. if she catches him, she has a kennel. she will keep in contact with me.

by the way, she thinks i'm english. it's easier with the lack of teeth to have the accent. i i know that's a really bad stereotype but it works. people don't stare at my teeth, they just want to hear me talk. so i'm a dork. but it works. and what's the point of being crazy anyway?

another woman called wanting to know if i wanted to adopt her jack-like kitten because she doesn't want to take it to a shelter. luckily we know of one around here that is no-kill so i will refer her to them if we can't take him in. i know, another cat. meh.

that's all i have energy for. i'm going to wait for the valium to work and drink my hazelnut coffee.

don't go to the bridge yet

i'm not ready for you to go to the bridge yet
you know we lost henry at your age
and it almost killed your mommy
so come home sweet baby, we're waiting
we look for you morning and night
and i'm talking to strangers and wandering around
outside the house
you'd be so proud of me.
so don't go to the bridge yet
come home to mummy
and look at me with those devious green eyes
and purr for me with your mouth open
and ruin the fishie game for little girl
because we miss you
and daddy can't sleep in bed without you
we're waiting for you
we're doing everything we can think of
and we're not giving up on you
because it's not time for you to go to the bridge yet.
it's time for you to come home to us
and get your treats and your fuzzles
and nurfle us while we sleep and
bite our noses when you want attention.
we miss you jackie boy
and it's time for you to come home to us.
2013, cyd, new

jack update

mrs. moriarty is feeding the cats at 9. that is when doc is going over to call jack. hopefully she will have the presence of mind to put the dogs in.

then, tomorrow, he is going over during the day for a more intensive search.

meanwhile, i'm still trying to talk him into adopting this other cat. but he has his eye on a couple at the shelter. we're going to end up with 30 cats. it will stop me wanting to get a dog. we do have enough room for a couple more meows. and jack will bond with them when he gets back. he's friendly enough.

i'm debating printing out pictures of bagira for J. i hope she doesn't take him back. she'll probably end up getting a kitten. she said she was having empty nest syndrome without him. i think he's happy here. he's still adjusting to the other cats, but there are no fights at all, just a bit of hissing. not even any growling. and freddie, who is so harsh with simon, just ignores bagira. i think our zoo is getting along well and adjusting well.