January 28th, 2013

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this is Jack. he ran away from home 1/22/13. we are searching for him. there is a reward for his safe return.

he was lost in the southeast part of las vegas valley, but we have no idea how far he could have roamed.

you can contact me with ANY information about Jack at cydniey@zenweb.net.

please pass this information and picture to everyone you know and everywhere you can think of. you can hotlink the image if you need to. hopefully the information will circulate round to the right people and my Jackie will come home safe and soon. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.
2013, cyd, new

i underestimated Simon's revenge drivers

yesterday morning, sai sai and i got into a little spat. i woke up and he was laying next to me as usual and i started petting him. usually i do this and fall back to sleep. yesterday i didn't and when he'd had enough pets, he got up and moved around to my back. i was feeling onery and i wanted to pet and love him more so i rolled over and pet him more. he got sick of it, got up, went to my back. i rolled over, rinse repeat. eventually he got up with a snort and left. about an hour after i got up, he came out into the living room and i gave him catnip and made it up to him.

or so i thought . . .

this morning i am asleep. having a bad dream about jack. through my limited consciousness, i feel a paw on my chest, and then another. i think to mysef, "aww, simon wants attention," and i am needing a cat after that dream so i move my arms off my chest and pet simon's neck. he climbs up on me, this is rare and i feel special, so i deal with the pain.

the pain you say? see, when a cat steps on your squishy parts all of the cat's weight is focused in the point at the end of its leg, its paw. this hurts. depending on the heaviness of the cat. simon is a big cat. he steps on my tits, it hurts like a motherfucker. but i love him and he lays down on my chest. i pet his head and we both fall asleep. so i think . . .

suddenly, sai sai is up. standing on my chest and belly. he just stands there, i can't stand the pain, so i push him down and he lays down next to me, problem solved. i go back to sleep.

until . . .

poke. poke. up. turn around. poke. poke. knead. with claws.

simon got kicked out of bed. he's at my feet purring right now and i'm not speaking to him.

devious cat.

still no joy

there was an ad on craigslist that just said "found cat" and i had to call and identify the cat. okay. it took me a few minutes to get geared up for it, and i knew i shouldn't get my hopes up, but when the girl on the line told me the cat she had found was all white, i started to cry. she was really nice about it.

i got off the phone and cried myself into hysterics. where the fuck is my cat?

so . . .

it occurred to me the other night that i always wanted a black flight jacket, but i always had my leather and didn't want to have to choose between them. but now that my leather is gone, i have nothing stopping me from getting a flight jacket. so i found one online that i want. it won't take me long to save up the money for it. so there's a plus in this. i get to move on and have something different i wanted.