January 23rd, 2013

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day two: jack's gone

i made up lost cat posters and put it on a USB drive and it's ready for doc to pick up and get copied. you should hear the reward he's prepared to give. i didn't put it on the poster, just "reward for safe return". picking out a picture was so sad. it made me notice that i haven't nearly enough pictures of him.

sunrise was weird. i woke up during it and everything was pink. the light on everything was hot pink, it was gorgeous. i tried to take a picture of the best part of the sky, it turned out all right. but it was just so strange. it only lasted a few minutes, then it turned to grey. now it's overcast, but warmish.

sleep was horrible, as i'm sure it was for doc. it's time spent not looking for jack, so it's wasted time. as soon as i'm done with this (i'm typing this while waiting for lelu to eat) i'm going back out and doing a circuit around the neighborhood. the only reason i can think of why he wouldn't come home is because he can't. i fear someone has taken him in. and while i hope they are taking care of him, i want him back and i hope they give him back.

the thing i don't let myself think about is the fact he's a black cat and people are weird about them. don't think about that.

so i'll put flyers at every door and take pictures with me so if i meet another neighbor, i can show pictures. and i'll take a roll of duct tape with me and tape flyers up on the light posts. those, i will take outside the neighborhood and do. i'm convinced he didn't get very far, so i will only go door to door in our circle. while i do this, hopefully doc can get some more sleep. then i will man the phones and wait for the magic call that returns my jack to me. more importantly, returns doc's jack to him. he's frantic. and he's trying not to let it show. i'm trying to keep my shit together while fighting with the pharmacy and doctor's office trying to get some more fucking valium. i've been without tranqs for days now and i'm freaking out inside.
2013, cyd, new

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