January 19th, 2013

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welcome a new member of the family

bagira is here. he's hiding in the mudroom right now. the cats have each taken turns sniffing him, there has been no growling or hissing.

he really is a beautiful cat. he's all black with slightly longer fur than jack and freddie. he needs to be fixed and have his shots. then he gets a ding to put his rabies tag on.

i can't wait for him to come out. he didn't want to leave. and he had a rough ride over here. his carrier is soft, so he felt every bump.

he's a part time outdoor cat. so i can let him out when he comes socializing. i trust him to find his way home. i just hope felix gets along with him.

we have no idea how old he is. when BB and his wife moved into their house, the previous tenants promised they'd be back for him, and they never came back. people make me so angry sometimes.

i'll get pictures of him when i can.
2013, cyd, new

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2013, cyd, new

up the stairs on the left

bagira still hasn't ventured out of his hiding spot. i remember my cat katie took four days to come out of the mud room when we brought her home. and bagira ha other cats to deal with. jack goes in and looks at him, or looks past him. he sits and stares. simon is wondering who is in his room.

doc is over at BB's and then he's getting me a burger. i shouldn't eat burgers, i know. pink slime and all. in the middle of that he's stopping to get milk.

i asked him for a glass of ice water and he got all offended and said, "i don't wait on you,". i responded that i waited on him. he said that was different, he went out and got me stuff from the world. i pouted a little, but i got his point.