January 18th, 2013

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i've literally spent all night looking for doc's stash. it isn't here. he took it with him. that is the only explanation. i hope nothing happens to him. it has to be hidden here, he wouldn't take it with him. he's not that dumb. i just am. i can't find it.

now i'm trying to decide whether to go to bed or not. i may just stay up for a few more hours. then go to bed. it doesn't matter if i'm up when doc gets home. i was napping when he got home this morning. the smoke detectors woke me up. and he doesn't reassure me at all, just looks at me in this panicky way. i go straight into freak out mode.

it was just the broiler broiling off something or other. it set all three alarms in common areas off, though. the bedroom ones didn't go off. blissfully.