January 16th, 2013

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if i thought about it, i wouldn't say it.

now that i can sleep, i can't stop sleeping. i slept all night. then i slept all day. i blame the bath. i took a hot bath and it just put me to sleep. i felt like sleeping earlier, when doc was home, but now i'm up. i drank most of a pot of coffee and i'll be up for a while. which is good because i need to vacuum.

sleep is a good thing. i've really enjoyed curling up in bed. i've discovered i can no longer sleep well on the couch. so i go to bed. and then i curl up with my stuffed animals and my comforter and blankets and pillows and snuggle in and i don't want to get up. who would?

my bruises are all but gone. my lesson about vodka remains. doc brought home this orange type drink for me but it was aciai berry punch and i tried it and it just screamed for vodka. so i put it away. i left it for him. he knows how to drink in moderation. not a lesson i ever learned. i swear, every time i get drunk on anything but champagne, i end up drinking too much and usually puking then drinking more. i'm not smart in that way. that's why i never drink.

i shouldn't drink because of the meds, but i slip up every so often and get piss drunk for no apparent reason. that's the thing of it. there's never a reason i want to drink, i just do it until i'm drunk. so no more of that.

simon has given up possession of my room. i don't know where he spends the day. part of it, he spends on doc's bed with the other boy cats. part of it he spends on the couch but less and less when i go into my room is he in there. this is a good thing. he needs to socialize more. he's not getting along with the others any better, but he's coming along.
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didn't i see you on line for the men's room?

i went to sleep. for an hour. so i guess the sleep fest is over. i could take another bath. doc turned up the thermostat on the water heater, so my baths are really hot now.

all the cats are passed out. lelu was bugging me for a while. doc made the mistake of giving her her medication in friskies (junk food) and she hasn't been happy with the good stuff ever since. so she bugged me for friskies and when she didn't get it, she passed out on the floor. freddie is in the window and felix is on the back of the couch. jack is on doc's bed and god only knows where sai sai is.

i wanted to take some pictures of them today. once the sun is up further, i will wake them up and make them play and be cute.
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cats cats cats

my new sweats are pilling up. bleh. must not buy such cheap sweats.

sai sai is looking for trouble. he's up on the entertainment center sitting in front of the tv. he was playing the-floor-is-lava. he got mostly around the room without touching the floor i was proud of him. now he's settled on my blanket on the couch, layed out like he owns it. i love that cat.

i don't write about jack much. he's a pretty quiet cat. he jumps up on things occasionally and i found him viciously attacking a pair of doc's silk boxer shorts, but he sleeps more than the others, so he's not very active. when he is, he's crazy. he's made a mess of the scratchy thingy we got him. which was the point. and he runs up and down the hallway and living room like a runway.

kelli is being held hostage in virginia by her job. she's doing an off-site job and they held her an extra day. which keeps me out of trouble, since it keeps me off my phone.

i combed out my hair today. i hadn't done it since the vodka night, so there was still blood in it. so i finally have clean hair that's down. i need to dye it again, my grey is coming out. bad. it seems in the last year my greys have doubled. the stress of the move and the cats. it was great to adopt sai sai and freddie, but stressful to get them assimilated.