January 10th, 2013

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someone wound freddie up and put her on "delay"

i woke up from my nap and got out of bed, said hello to simon and left my room. waiting outside my door to pounce on me was freddie. who wrapped herself around my legs and looked up at me as she walked along side me into the wall. at that point i sat down on the floor and pet her. she was attention starved.

the first thing i realized when i woke up was that my brain and upper spine were trying to chew their way out of my body. i thought it was a dehydration headache, so i drank 32 ounces of water immediately. then i lit up a smoke and waited for it to go away. it didn't. so i looked around the kitchen and tried to think of what i had changed in my diet that would be causing this, i was getting enough sugar from the apple juice. then it hit me as my eyes settled on the coffee maker. caffeine. i hadn't had any in 16 hours. so i made a cup of coffee, guzzled it, and waited 15 minutes. and it went away.

gotta remember, moderation. aww. simon's all up in my keyboard, time to go pet the cat. he's been purring louder lately.
2013, cyd, new

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2013, cyd, new

new schedule

the new schedule is like the weekend schedule and i'm on a constant saturday. it's not bad. i like it. it's just a change. i still sleep in shifts but different ones. and i'm much less stressed out because doc is home with me all day and evening. he may be asleep for part of it, but knowing he's here makes everything better. i don't know why, it just does. daytime is the scariest for me.