January 9th, 2013

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i got three hours sleep on medication. and i didn't have any coffee yesterday. it was all hot water. i feel refreshed, but i know around 7 or 8 i will lose my steam, especially without coffee. today i'm balancing my ice water with my warm water. and i know it isn't good, but the hot water tastes like drinking shower water. and i need my ice water to balance the taste out. maybe i'll heat up some apple juice and drink that for a while.

doc was absolutely giddy about the laryngitis. he was making happy jungle sounds. i've never heard him make happy jungle sounds. we put the laptop between us and chatted on notebook for a while.

i need to find him some sound drivers for the emachine. he tried using it and wants his sound for his games. i can understand. i'll scour the internet for it. i'm better at google than he is. maaybe he'll make more jungle sounds.

simon is rolling around nipping where doc sits. well, on the floor in front of where doc sits. he usually nips around the back of the coffee table with me, but i'm trying to get him to socialize more with doc. he has accepted that the couch is doc's and deferrs to him when it comes to sitting down. he'll go over to the other end of the couch and crawls slowly back to doc until doc is petting him. it's so cute.

nipping is over. a cuddle for mommy and then up to doc's spot on the couch. so cute.
2013, cyd, new

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