January 8th, 2013

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a couple of full days in the brace and my ribs feel so much better. it still hurts when i cough, but only a little. it doesn't make me cry like it did. the cough comes and goes. when i lay down it comes. when i sit up i stop. so i tried to sleep last night sitting up against all my stuffed animals. it worked for a couple of hours. i had a dream all my cats were on the bed with me. it was great.
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i hate it when he hangs up on me

i quit coffee. just now. i poured out my cup and quit. if i can't have it sweet, which i can't, according to doc, i don't want it at all. it's also making me too hyper.

another day of waiting for maintenance. i'm going to have to call them today and i don't want to. the phone phobia just doesn't go away. i want doc to call. but enough is put on poor doc anyway.
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i got sleep

i lost my voice for a while today. it's still not fully back. i found some sore throat spray, which made me feel so much better. then i smoked leaf until i coughed up a lung, took a musinex and spent the next hour coughing up gunk. after that i fell asleep sitting up on the couch. i woke up to find felix curled up with me. it was past feeding time and he was playing affection. i'll take it. i pulled him up from my lap and hugged him on my shoulder until he gave in and purred.

our tv went black and white today. permanently. so i switched it out with the other one. i didn't realize how dark the picture was on the old tv. maybe by this summer we can buy a flat screen. at some xmas in july sale.