December 31st, 2012

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the year in review

i managed to stay out of the hospital. i did some damage to myself and had some medication issues, but i kept myself at home. to be honest, i feel a visit coming on soon, things have been getting worse and now the hallucinations have started back up in a bad way. if the voices start in, i'm checking myself in for a comprehensive medication evaluation.

i almost left doc. but i didn't. instead i got rid of the source of my issues, mike. finally. again, not without it's damage, but what's done is done.

i moved into a beautiful house with my five cats and i have a beautiful back yard to sit in and enjoy. i have my own room finally, with all my stuff to surround me when i don't feel good.

doc and i have been getting along the past 6 months. well, since we moved in here and got rid of mike. we're more distant than ever, but we don't fight as much.

we almost lost jack this year. which i couldn't have taken. but dr. rose made him better. which reminds me, we got a vet this year that i love and that the cats love. that, to me, is a precious thing. finding the right vet is hard.

we rescued two feral cats. freddie and simon. and got them both healthy and fat and safe. i love my simon. he really is my cat. freddie is doc's. i spent a lot of time with simon today petting him and talking to him. he kept waking me up when i fell asleep petting him. petting him somehow puts me to sleep. he's so big and warm and rumbles when he purrs and always lets me know where he wants pets. adopting he and freddie were the best things we did in that apartment. oh, and adopting jack years ago.

it's been a thoroughly unproductive year. i edited my book, but i didn't publish it. i didn't get a bank account so i can sell my happy meal toys on ebay. i didn't do a lot of things.

i want to say this year will be better, but i know myself. i don't know, maybe if i go in the hospital and get sorted medically, i will be better at life. i realized my entire life is online and that involves less than 10 people. i should work on changing that in the new year.
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