December 24th, 2012

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2013, cyd, new

"baby, i'm drunk"

i'm on too many drugs and i feel fucking great.

BB, who is still in jail for DUI is stuck there until his wife can bail him out. it turns out he wrecked the bike he was riding. a bike he was working on for someone else. it's totalled. and their cat died. they have another cat they want to give to us, a long haired black cat. but he hasn't been fixed and he sprays. i want that to be fixed before he comes to live here.

it's xmas eve. and i've watched some torchwood and firefly and listened to my ultimate xmas disk. i'm being quiet now because doc is asleep on the couch. he doesn't have to work tonight. i'm having a hard time keeping track of the days. i sleep whenever i can and it seems like i drink coffee all the time now. but i know it's xmas eve and it's monday and i have a good handle on it so far.

kelli sent me a xmas tree. it's 3D and it's paper. with red glitter stars. she also sent me a baby stuffed elephant with big googly eyes. i named him "funt" though i'm sure i'll forget that and end up calling him elephant soon. she sent me all kinds of goodies. i made out like a bandit this xmas. chocolates and presents and cat toys. and i put my tree up so it's festive.

i can't stop chain smoking. when i was drinking, i used that as an excuse. doc allowed it. he understands i smoke when i drink. i only had three, because i didn't want to get sick and i had a nice buzz going. the cannabis has calmed that down a little and perked me up.

i have to venture into the garage and look for a power cord for doc's drill. we need to rebuild the book shelf and need the drill to do that. i'll wait until it warms up out. the garage is cold. i'm glad we didn't take the house with the converted garage bedroom. that would be absolutely useless to us. at least we're using the spare room here for a guest room. we need a bed or mattress for it, but it has a book case and night stand and shelves for clothes.

i think i'm going to go to sleep for a while. good night.