December 18th, 2012

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"i'm only one cigarette away from mobility"

it's still dark. i woke up at 4:30. had a couple smokes, a cuppa and a lot of water. the living room is lit with the xmas tree and some red tube lights i put up on the desk. doc says the red tube lights can go into my room when the season is over. they hurt his eyes. i forgot about that. xmas lights hurt his eyes. i wish they didn't.

it's supposed to rain again today. i hope it doesn't start until after doc gets home at 11. he said something about maybe coming home early, but that will just be so he can sleep more. so i'm not very excited about that. since we've been getting along, i want to be with him more. joking around like it used to be.

i'm downloading my lj. you're right, les, it's easy and it isn't taking long. i don't even care if pieces are missing, as long as i get the bulk of the last 13 years. i will even, eventually, copy and paste it to a word document. i need to pick all the poetry out of it.

it's much later. well, not much. a couple of hours. i can't sleep. i took a full valium, but i'm still awake. relaxed and fuzzy, but awake.

the download isn't working. it keeps coming up with an error. time to try a new program.
2013, cyd, new

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