December 15th, 2012

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stuff and bother

doc is asleep. or trying to be. he's trying to switch his schedule around for his new work schedule. i'm keeping mine the same for now. the cats have been locked out of his room, one having peed on his bed. jack and felix don't know what to do with themselves, usually they are curled up asleep on his bed right now.

jack finally settled in the comfy chair, and felix curled up in the window. good, they were getting into trouble. into all the cabinets, up on the counters . . . anything they could get into.

the sun is making an appearance today. two days of on and off rain were good for us. now we just have clouds. my only lament is that it's too cold for me to go out. doc put a rule of 55 degrees minimum, and it's only 50. the sand on the ground is all dark brown from the water and small weeds are poking up all over the yard. it will all die come summer, and the ground will be pale again, but right now it's beautiful.

i have mixed feelings about the political landscape right now. because of the massacre, i can't watch the news. there's all this yelling and arguing and no one is going to do anything. and that goes for gun control, the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling . . . all of it. this country is divided, at a stalemate. what we have is a mexican standoff. and there are no winners.

my thoughts and condolences go out to the families and survivors of the massacre. (it's funny, when i look back on this in a couple of years, i won't even know which of the massacres i was talking about.) no one should have to go through that. newtown wasn't any more of a tragedy than any other massacre, children or no. a life is a life. but nothing is going to change, and this is going to happen again and again. this country is headed for civil war. it won't happen in our lifetimes, but it is coming, and it's going to be ugly up until then.
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med change

i've gotten accustomed to the valium. i craved the xanax for a couple of days but don't anymore. i take it half at a time, but still get drowsy. since it really doesn't matter when i sleep, it's not a problem. i can't see me driving the scooter on it, though. which sucks, but that means i can sell the scooter once it's fixed.

i've stopped rocking, on the valium. and bouncing my legs. that was what was intended so i'm glad i switched. i'd been on xanax a long time, my tolerance had built up, i'm sure. with this i can move up to a full dose eventually.

i also seem to be doing okay without the pristiq. i told him it wasn't getting digested. he argued with me, but took me off of it anyway. he said i'd been on it a long time. i honestly don't remember when i started it. i used to remember the names and dosages of all my meds, but now i can't anymore. i carry it in my wallet, written down. just in case something happens. it says on my medic alert tag that i take medication.

so that's how the med change is going. no shooting sprees for me, everything is zen. even doc and i are getting along well.