December 10th, 2012

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something that purrs

with another 4 solid hours of sleep under my belt, i greet the day. cloudless and cold. in fact it looks like you could just go out and lounge, but a look at the thermometer stops you. 37 degrees. ack!

no dreams i can remember. i took a xanax before bed so i didn't tense up and wake up during the night. it went by in a flash. in fact i couldn't believe it was 6 when i got up. the cats are all lounging in the forced heat. felix hasn't woken up to hear the space heater, so my lap is safe for now. he is a clingy one in the chill. he likes to sleep under the covers with just his nose poking out. but if he can't poke his nose out, he'll deal with it. as long as he gets body heat.

i want another bath. well, to be specific, i want to take a nap in the tub covered in hot soapy water. i know, it's not a safe thing to do.

i think i will curl up in a blanket with the nearest cat and watch tv for a while. doc doesn't want to get up until 10 and it's 7:30 now. yes, time for snuggling with something that purrs.
2013, cyd, new

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