December 3rd, 2012

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somethings meaningless

okay, so i didn't clean my room. but i can take a bath, and that's something. it's mainly hanging up clothes and putting things up on the glass shelves. and taking down the dead blue lights. i just kind of hung the new lights over them. i was in a hurry to set them up last night, what can i say?

sai sai spent several hours on the couch with doc. coming to him when doc called him. i think those two are going to get along fine. it will take simon some time, but he's coming around. doc bribes him with people food and treats and catnip. it's hard for simon to resist him. and once you're in with simon, you're in. he'll be cuddling up with doc in bed before i know it. then maybe felix will come back and sleep with me. i miss felix at night. he's my purring teddy cat.

"meow meoow" freddie is playing with a toy. for some reason, she meows at them. carries them around in her mouth meowing. and it's such a joyous meow. like she is the happiest thing in the world because she has a toy. i love freddie, she's so easy to please. she's started meowing when she wants to go out. i encourage my cats to be vocal and i'm happy she's starting to meow at other times than toy times.

doc is dominating the laptop. i've gotten used to it on the weekends. especially sunday night. the walking dead. he and kelli are hooked on that show. i couldn't take it. something about the soundtrack gave me the heebie jeebies. i like zombies and i love scary gory things, but weird music gets me every time. that's why i watch most horror movies with the sound off. i don't mind the screaming, it's the music i can't take.
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jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock

i love the muppets. if that wasn't clear during the election. OMD (oh my dog)! the movie i was afraid never existed is real! see, netflix doesn't have it, nor any mention of it. and i've been quoting it since i first saw it and i was beginning to think it had never happened. i cannot find this movie. i guess i'll check and see if amazon has it and if they do, order it for my birthday in may. "Light the lamp, not the rat!"

a punk rock record studio here in vegas is now following me on twitter. this excites me. one day i will be looking to buy studio time. plus they work with bands who may need a songwriter. i can write punk. plus, by following them back, i get tips on some great new bands here in vegas. not that i can go see any shows, but i can support the scene in other ways.

it's been mild the past two days. in the mid to upper 60s, never getting below 60. so i was a bit spoiled when i stepped outside this morning to lower 50s. but i have discovered that i just can't smoke inside and enjoy it. (stop laughing at me, i KNOW it's a complete 360) i need to be outside, preferably sitting or chasing my cats around the backyard.

and i want a dog. now that i have a house with a yard again, it needs a dog. not a little one, or a big one. a nice, medium sized rescue mutt is what i want to go with my menagerie. and not a puppy. NEVER a puppy again. i can do kennel training. i won't do it again. it's cruel. it works, but it's cruel. when i was kennel training fergus, i took the kennel to every room with me so he was never alone. he whined terribly. it was heartbreaking beginning to end. it was successful, quickly, but what a way to go. there has to be a better way. darwin was much easier, she was a puppy, but she followed fergus' example and rang the bells hanging on the door when she wanted to go out like she was supposed to. fergus knew that by the time we got darwin. and darwin didn't have to be kennel trained.

i'm a big believer in the bells on the door training method. i took an old ribbon i had with bells on it for xmas, you can get them at the dollar store, and i hung it up on the door knob. when the dogs wanted to go out, they pawed at the bells. not roughly. just enough to make noise that we could hear from anywhere in the house. then we went to the door, let them out and never had an accident. they were good dogs. i'm glad we found them homes before we left PA. doc needs a dog. i just want one to play with and walk and feed. doc needs the unconditional love that the cats just don't show, no matter what you do.

usually when i'm in my room it's either going to sleep or waking up, and when i wake up i jump up and get dressed and leave, i don't linger in bed. i think we've talked about that, i need to linger more and relax before i get up. anyway. i don't mind the unpackedness or the mess because i'm never in there. i need a tv or music or something. my laptop won't reach (the network cable) to my room, so i have no computers in there. it's actually technology free. there is a bed, dresser, lamp, hope chest, food/water bowl, litter box and a headboard made of assorted square heavy things. maybe if i have doc drill a hole in the wall, i can pass a network cable through to my room, which is right next to the corner with the modem and network hub. that would be cheaper right now than setting up a wireless network. i have wireless on this computer but i can never find a nearby open/active account.

doc found a bag of working xmas lights yesterday. a huge long string of white icicle lights, and some white tube lights. and i have two bags of long strings of white lights. and i have nothing to do with them. i don't have any extension cords, so i can't put them outside. there is a boycott on the staple gun inside the house, so that avenue is closed to me. i guess i could put the icicle lights out on the patio. that would look nice. and i can leave them up after the holidays. they'll make nice lighting for spring and summer. you can see i'm counting on staying here.

i don't think i'm getting a tree. doc hasn't said as much, but i can tell we're broke. there just is no money for a tree. even the cheap ones i find online make him cringe. so i'm going to stop mentioning it and just decorate the house without a tree. no big deal. he didn't think there were going to be lights on the tree anyway. Blashphemer! always lights on a tree. he thought there were going to be lights in other places, though with the staple gun's political situation here, i don't see how he thought that was going to happen.

you ever just want to drink a bottle of cough syrup? just because you're not a muppet and you won't get all sticky but you'll likely trip balls. no? just me? okay.
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