November 28th, 2012

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the affection has started

the cats are active this morning. simon is camped out under the comfy chair, freddie's place, and is defending it against freddie with much hissing and clawing on both sides. felix, in a bid to go out, is camped out in my lap, oblivious to the fact i am reaching the entire length of my reach to type this. heh. lelu is the only good one, asleep on the scratchy cubicle. she had a big breakfast.

doc was home with me all day yesterday. he had the computer ALL DAY. i mostly slept, got up and drank coffee and smoked and then went back to sleep. all day. i woke up for NCIS and watched that, and it was Alex Kingston who guest starred. it was fabulous, she is a goddess. and her accent is so cool. cooler than most UK accents. she wasn't in the episode nearly enough, but she got to be snarky and play it up, it was great.

little girl just came over to hop into my lap and almost hopped onto felix. sai sai has vacated the space under her chair in favor of doc's place on the couch, so she has nothing to fight. now she's curled up like she hasn't been a demon for the last half an hour.

this Amb. Rice thing is really getting out of hand. we are running out of time on the "fiscal cliff" and they are jabbering about this mess. which is nothing. jesus save them. someone take them off the earth and give us someone who will fucking work in congress.
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doc says i need a hobby

why can't i unpack my room? i have no where to put anything. my dresser is full of whatever was on top of my dresser when we moved. so it is full of junk i have no place for. and i have all these clothes. four pair of shoes and a closet full of clothes. i know, it make no sense. i should have more shoes than that. i just cleaned out my heels. i can't walk in them, never could. so i got rid of them. oh, wait, 5 pair. four pair of boots and one pair of tennis shoes.

it doesn't look like i'm going to the Reverend Horton Heat show at Vinyl one month from now. i'm missing Social Distortion, too. and that hurts. a chance to see Mike Ness in person. sigh.

we have to get the scooter back. i need transportation. i don't mind taking a scooter all over the place. i've come to terms with it. and i will get to know the geography. right now i have no idea where i am. and the other night at the lights was the first time i've left the house since july 4th. doc said i did good at kmart when we went to go look at trees after the lights. we still don't have one. i'm hoping this weekend. oh, no. this weekend is rent. maybe we'll have a little money left over for a tree.

i ordered doc's xmas present monday, and it turns out i ordered the wrong thing. bah. i can still return it and get the one he wants. i don't think he ordered me any lights, though. i slept in my room in the dark, but i didn't like it. i put the quilt all the way over my head. simon only lays under the covers with me while i'm petting him. once i drift off to sleep, he leaves and curls up at my back or legs.

i didn't order my xmas present. i guess i should, but i have to wait and see if i have the money in my account to do so and still pay my share of rent. if not, i'll wait until my birthday. it's just a Sex Pistols Zippo. i can wait. there was a pipe lighter i wanted on, but it was too much. i would just take the instert out and put it in my Sex Pistols lighter, heh.

today i put the books up. did i mention i unpacked the kitchen? finally. so that's my bathroom and the kitchen. which reminds me, i need to clean my bathroom today. the tub is full of grimy paw prints from every cat in the house playing in there. i'd like to take a hot bath today, so the tub definitely has to be cleaned out. i'm not bathing with paw prints.

we looked for a scratchy thing for sai sai. i think we're going to have to order it online. he has demonstrated a love of corrugated cardboard, so i want to get him the box with cardboard lined up inside of it that you sprinkle catnip into and let them go at it. i figure if i put that in my bedroom, my record spines will be safe. right now i have all of my records covered with a sheet. simon just wouldn't leave them alone. the sheet fools him. not so clever now, are you simon?

he's been resisting his training the past two nights and i don't know what it is with him. at feeding time, i tell him to go to his room and he goes into the mudroom to wait his turn, most times he goes in there on his own and waits for me to shut the door. the past two nights, i've told him to go to his room, and he's gone to my room. so i have to go get him and lead him back into the kitchen and get him into his room. the entire time, felix is howling at me to put the food down and lelu is circling my legs. i'll have to change the command to keep from confusing him. usually i refer to our bedroom as just the bed.

doc is up, time to go make coffee.
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