November 15th, 2012

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cats and politics, ugh

if you hear noise in the night and you're pretty sure i'm not up, it's simon and jack. jumping around the kitchen, rumaging through the cabinets and jumping on top of them. and batting empty paper bags around the kitchen. these two are driving me nuts this morning. i'm glad they're getting along and everything, but there are a million cat toys and cat activity centers in this house to avoid this sort of thing. and jack and sai sai are the only ones not allowed out. so that isn't the problem.

of course i ran out of wet food last night, so they didn't get any. and they have all had an attitude since. i kept waking up with simon on my face all night. finally i yelled at him (in a loud whisper) and he left. i didn't see him again until i got up and he tried to help me put my pants on by doing a little furry jig at my feet.

i put the kaibosh on the news. i don't want to hear about who is having sex with whom. i'm glad the generals were getting a little trim on the side. they work damn hard. the rest i could care less about. he's testifying on Benghazi, he always was going to, the right had to freak out about that, so everything is okay in my world. can we get to the whole governing the country before the next election cycle starts up?
2013, cyd, new

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