November 14th, 2012

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i just wasn't prepared for the cold this early

when i woke up this morning, as i drank some water, i mused to myself that the smart thing would be to get right up and go in to bed for a few more hours. so i got up and made myself a cuppa and had a smoke. i never do the smart thing. i'll sleep later when the cold symptoms return. right now i can breathe and i'm not coughing so i'll stay up and enjoy it.

yesterday i went to bed shortly after doc got up because i was feeling so lousy. he woke me up before he left and gave me some water and another dose of cold meds. he hasn't taken care of me like that for as long as i can remember. and he's a very nurturing person. i'm just not nuture-able most times. i'm too mean, he doesn't want to deal with me.

hee hee, simon just walked across the keyboard and typed out my new password. now i have a password that only sai sai knows. and he wasn't looking at the screen, so i doubt he saw what he typed. and what would he want with my gmail, anyway?

today, after i sleep, no matter how i feel, i am unpacking the rest of the kitchen. not much left to unpack except canned goods. and most of those are going to the food drive at doc's work this month. we have all this non-perishable food that mike left here when he left. and his taste in food was ucky. but healthy, so food drive it is.

since i won't get over this cold, i'm no longer allowed outside when it's under 55 degrees. even if i bundle up. so i figure i have another couple of hours before i can go outside. it's 43 right now. it's supposed to warm back up starting today. good, because i just wasn't prepared for the cold this early.
2013, cyd, new

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