November 6th, 2012

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election day

i'm waiting for doc to get up so we can go vote. we were supposed to do it early, but it didn't work out. i want my voting sticker.

i'm still sick. i don't seem to be getting any better and just a little bit worse. at some point i will need to go see a doctor and see what is up. but until then, sudafed and nyquil are my best friends. oh, and robotussin, can't forget that dear friend.

it's supposed to be 81 today. it was 80 yesterday. so nice for sitting outside. theough i don't mind sitting out there when it's 60, either. go below that and i have issues with it.

sai sai hoarked up a furball on my bed last night so i had to change my sheet. i had no idea what a project that would be. i had to remove the two blankets and quilt, all the pillows, and lastly, all the stuffed animals. and while i did that i sorted the bears into bears that i sleep with and bears that i don't. then i changed the sheet and found a more efficient way to pile the animals so they take up less room on the bed. 1/3 instead of 1/2. sai sai was grateful for that come bed time. more room for him to curl up.

he doesn't sleep with me under the covers any more. he sleeps up at my pillow in a ball. or at my back, all stretched out and leaning on me. the other night i fell asleep with him on my back. i don't know how long he stayed up there.

felix is so much more happy as a part time outside cat. he comes home quite frequently, and not just to eat, but to cuddle and play with the others and be a part of the family. as long as he stays like that, he can go out as much as he wants. speak of the devil, he's in my lap now. making typing just a bit too difficult.

i'll post triumphantly after i vote.
2013, cyd, new

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