November 3rd, 2012

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"time will crawl"

i got into a huge fight with doc at 5 this morning. it was stupid. i went out to smoke and he went to bed. angry. i never want that. it ruins your sleep.

i have a strong feeling that any of my twitter followers that are paying attention to my tweets are people who know me well. i've posted about abortion (my own) and atheism (again, my own) this week and have not lost one follower. not that i was looking to. i just figured it would happen. it's freeing. i'm a bit stifled on here just because it's been around so long, you never know who's going to drop in and read something. but with twitter, aside from the few active followers i have, there's really no one reading it.

it's a big experiment/game to me. this twitter thing. playing with the trumpster and being as expressive as i want to be without worrying about being judged. and that, do not doubt for a moment, is a precious thing to have on twitter. so many people are deluged with hatred on that site that it amazes me. no one bothers me and that is sweet.

it's like my profile says: "i have no claim to fame and i like it that way". no attention is better than negative attention and the friends i do have on there from my life take good care of me. i especially love the one woman, whom i have known for years. i never knew she was a republican until twitter. it's one more thing we can talk about in our friendship that has grown distant since i moved to vegas. she challenges me without worrying about offending me or something stupid like that. she shares her point of view with me and allows me to share mine and she makes me think. (yes, i'm talking about you, oh Great Ice Princess)

wow, sunrise is late today. i guess that's why the clocks are going back tonight. i'll miss the lost daylight . . . not. i'm up between 3 and 4 nearly every morning. i'll get plenty of light.

sai sai and jack got into a huge fight last night. which is really surprising. they usually skirt each other or get along uneasily. part of me thinks it has to happen eventually with all of them and simon, just to establish turf. i just thought it would be he and freddie or felix first. but he was in the wrong place when doc denied jack entry into his bathroom with him. so jack took it out on simon. there was fur EVERYWHERE in the hallway. up and down, with a big pile at the end where the fight had been broken up. and it was all simon's fur.

he's okay. he hasn't come out of my bedroom since the fight, but i went in and checked on him. no cuts or bites, no blood. just a humbling experience, and from the pacifist in the family. i've never heard jack fight before. he is frightening sounding. felix sounds like he's being gutted, jack sounds like a child screaming. particularly formidable for me.

time to go watch sunrise, sans cigarette. i just drowned another coughing fit in robotussin dm. no smoking for cyd. bah.
2013, cyd, new

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