November 2nd, 2012

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sunrise soon

i've been up for two hours after sleeping most of the day and night away on nyquil. they should make my sleeper meds out of that stuff. since i'm smoking outside, i have resigned myself to being sick all winter. *sniff* and i'm completely okay with that. eventually i will have to give in and smoke in the garage or under the super vent in the kitchen. but i like going outside. ooh, almost time to, the sun is going to come up. i make it a point to watch the sun rise and set whenever i am up for it. last night's sunset was so great i couldn't leave it to get the camera.

i've been camped out on the big couch with my comforter and my pillow and my binky (small piece of satin i fuzzle when sucking my thumb). in and out of consciousness. but for the last two hours, doc has been up so i have been up. relegated back to my small couch. simon is cuddled up with me, so i guess it's okay.

my campaign of poking donald trump continues. i don't know why. i know it's immature, but it's so nice to snark at the bully. i know i should just ignore him, but he won't go away if i do. he won't go away no matter what. he's like bedbugs. and how long does it take him to get up and do his "hair" anyway? he's still not tweeting yet. bored. wanna poke the stuffed shirt. i make sure every post to him is properly spelled and capitalized. i'm not one of those internet trolls who capslock and just blather. i think out my responses first. i don't want him to respond, but i do wonder if he even reads his feedback on twitter. i imagine his ego would force him to.
2013, cyd, new

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