October 28th, 2012

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2013, cyd, new

computers and what to do with them now: lj entry

computer1: open source software so i can learn it. gaming and streaming movies for doc.

computer2: office, creative suite, cool edit pro so i can work on it. writing, design and podcasting, eventually skype (i've got that amazing web cam i am no longer using). gaming and streaming movies for doc. also downloading torrents for doc and the boys who don't have cable.

laptop: social media, email, picture harvesting from my cameras (i have a cam with a micro SD card that plugs into the USB port, but it's a very fragile connection. i was sent a multi card reader that reads micro cards! so that gets hooked up to the laptop), and of course gaming, music and streaming movies for doc.

i will think of further uses for computer1. it has a big hard drive and nice sized processor. ironically enough i'll be using my slowest computer for most of my work. oh, also i will hook the printers up to the computers and get new ink for them. the printer/scanner goes on computer2, so i can scan in my artwork.

today i have to move mice and such around; install a USB mic on computer2; hook up the speakers on computer2; get the printers inside and cleaned and hooked up. then start going through all the data i downloaded (i harvested everything, i know i don't need all of it); organize it, defrag the laptop.

i'll defrag the laptop while doc is out today so he doesn't whine about not being able to play on it. i may record a new podcast today too. i've always wanted to record the pussy poem (i printed it here a few weeks ago) and the little story that goes along with it. it seems a great way to stage my podcast comeback. it's only been three years since i posted something on it.

oh yeah, i have to go through my poems. i'm thinking of doing an excell spreadsheet of them. marking which are published, podcasted, posted on my site or free to play with. like put in a new book and record for my site. it might help me find out what the fuck "jackass" is. it's a poem i wrote and recorded for my site, but i don't remember writing it. and i have no idea where i would have stored it, i may have to listen to it and write it down again.

everything depends on doc waking up. i want to put Hideaway on loud while i'm working. then he needs to get up from getting up, and go out. then i can record some stuff. i should go play with cool edit pro and try to remember how to use it. i have a feeling it will all come back to me.