October 18th, 2012

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2013, cyd, new

oops, an epiphany

mitt romney wasn't funny. obama was. rachel maddow showed their talks from the Al Smith dinner. they are supposed to be funny. romney looked like he was in pain the whole time. anyway.

i think we're going to vote early and get it over with. it won't stop me watching full time coverage of the election campaigns but my vote will be cast.

we're still not sure if i'm sick or allergic. i have a mulberry tree outside my window, and i sleep with the window open, so i could be allergic. but i've never had allergies. and yesterday and today i have a fever. yesterday i took nyquil stuff. today i didn't take anything and passed out. which is cool because i really didn't sleep last night.

sai sai and freddie got into a huge fight today. there's fur all over doc's bathroom and simon had a clump of freddie's fur in his mouth. everyone is okay, but it was loud. it got all the other cats running to the bathroom to see what was going on.

doc keeps adding people one at a time to my twitter feed. i went through and cleared out all the deadbeats. i have room on my feed for more people, but it trips me up when he does that. when i get up after he's had the computer and there are posts from new people. confusing. i never am sure if i did it until i ask him. he did it again last night. ack.

felix just threw up his dinner. nice. time to let simon out of his room. only way to keep felix out of the food until his stomach settles. because he is a pig and will want to eat again.

that was fun to clean up. there just aren't enough paper towels to make that job less than ugly. but hey, the carpet is clean.

i need to be writing more. in order to do that, i need to let myself feel. and i really do everything i can to keep from doing that. because it's when i'm not suppressing my feelings that i can write. that's the key to everything. i can't believe i just came up with it. heh, sounds painful. but if it's productive, i'll suffer for my art. i want to write. i used to do it to let things out, and i haven't been doing it, i haven't been letting things out. and i need to let things out. it's been a few years. did i shut down when henry died? when i had ECT? when i went on these meds? no, i don't think it's the meds. this has been going on longer than i've been on this mixture.

i mean, it's been years. again i say, ack.