October 2nd, 2012

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  • Mon, 17:41: some say half full, some say half empty. i say fuck the glass, what else have we got?
  • Mon, 18:01: i start crying. he says, "stop it." it's myself i want to hurt today. i can't kick myself in the shins.
  • Mon, 18:05: #ReasonsWeCantBeTogether i might kill you in your sleep and feed chunks of you to my cats.
  • Tue, 05:34: RT @AJEnglish: Opinion: Medical marijuana is a legitimate way to cope with various ails, so why fuss over a plant in the ground? http:// ...
  • Tue, 09:12: "drug yourself up, fine, but don't you go cracking a smile." http://t.co/2jPslps5
  • Tue, 10:32: @MittRomney is Ann a first class citizen to you or a good mormon wife? #LDSWomen
  • Tue, 10:34: i want to know @MittRomney's stand on women. this is why: http://t.co/Hk8ncSCU
  • Tue, 11:02: RT @SophiaBush: What are you waiting for?! People are voting already! Are you registered so you can too? Do it here in 5 minutes: http:/ ...
  • Tue, 11:02: RT @froomkin: PA voter ID ruling "skewed in favor of the lazy who refuse to exercise the necessary work ethic" says bill's sponsor http ...
  • Tue, 11:03: i don't know about you but i'm getting really tired of being told i'm lazy because i'm poor.
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