September 30th, 2012

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2013, cyd, new

nothing but angst: lj entry

fuck him. i fucking hate when he ignores me. and he does it just because he isn't interested in what i am saying. i talk and there is just this blank face.

and i got up at four in the fucking morning on a sunday AGAIN to get him up to go out with his friends and for the third week in a row, he didn't get up.

and i don't have my meds and i'm hungry and pintrest has pissed me off. so i hate him today.

i signed up for pintrest and went through the initial process of picking pictures of their choices, then they lead me to what they call "my" page, which they have already populated for me. i don't want their picks on my page. i want my page to be blank, waiting for my friends not some strangers who type unfamiliar things and pin pictures i couldn't care less about. and there doesn't seem an option to clear the page and make it your own. then there's the friend finding thing which "invites" or spams friends. this is not something i want any part of. i thought it would be fun. it's the most frustrating thing i have come across.

i am reticent when it comes to all this cross social network stuff. i don't trust it. everything tied in together and i don't know where anything originates or goes to and it seems every app on the planet has my twitter password now.

i finally got smart and started registering at sites with their name in the email addy, so if i start getting spam, i will be able to see it is going to or or

i want to be in a better mood. my blood sugar is low. i'm also mad at him for mentioning getting something to eat and then sitting there on his fucking ass stuffing cigarettes while i'm starving. fuckit. i'm going to eat something.