September 23rd, 2012

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now with a message at the end . . .

let's play everybody's favorite game: will doc get up and go to the swap meet or sleep through it again? i wish he'd go. i want an ottoman and we need a hose. i just think we really need an ottoman in here. to go with the couch and the chair. and the hose, well, it's just time. we've lived here three months, time to get a hose. oop! there goes doc's alarm. time to get him coffee.

once he leaves or decides to stay, i'll take my meds and go to beddybye. i can sleep until he gets back/up. then i can sleep in the evening. hee. he hates the way i sleep and wake and sleep and wake. all he has to do is send in my scripts, and this will end in two weeks. once i get the ambien back, i can sleep on a regular schedule and find something else to do with myself during the day.

like write or edit and write. it is time. i wrote that poem. i like it. hell, compared to my other work of late, i love it. i used my favorite inspiration for it. i don't know how much more i can get out of that, but i'll suck the resource dry. i have memories somewhere. and lord knows i journal every damn thing, i can always go back to that. i have a feeling there are some untapped emotions left in it.

did you register to vote yet? you can do it online. i'm registered. got my card and everything. i'm ready for the elections. if i can, i will vote early, just to get it done with. so register to vote. get your paperwork if you have to, and if you do, i'm sorry you have to. this election is important, no matter how you vote. america needs to stand up together and do something, no matter which side of the something you are on.
2013, cyd, new

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  • Sun, 06:21: 6 on a sunday morning. and i'm still up. i used to do this on acid. now i just do it. there is nothing good on tv. and the cats are nuts.
  • Sun, 06:37: now with a message at the end . . .