September 21st, 2012

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2013, cyd, new

a new day or something

my photo book from got here today. well worth it. i would even pay full price for it. i should get my prints next week. totally worth the hell i went through to get the pictures. even the cam images of low resolution turned out okay. not as clear as the digital pics, of course, but good.

i haven't gotten anywhere with that poem. i figure i'll go back at it after i sleep today. i only got three hours last night. it was a good three hours. no dreams i can remember, i woke up feeling refreshed. now i'm dragging. i've been up for 8 hours and have done enough to not feel guilty for sleeping the day away.
2013, cyd, new

another untitled poem

i'm not one of your
he said she said friends
i have too much
free time for that mess
i don't want the drama
and you don't need it
i'm not one of your
love them and leave them friends
i have too much
self respect for that mess
i don't want your games
and you don't want to play them
admit it, you're tired
just treat me
like a person
i don't need kid gloves
or special instructions
i'm not that much
of a fucking mess
i want to be treated normally
and you want to
you need to
you can't handle the high maintenance
and i don't have time for that mess.

i lost it somewhere in the middle, but there are strong parts. overall, i'm pretty happy with it.