September 13th, 2012

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2013, cyd, new

journal entry: "i see you standing all by yourself"

yay! we're having company tonight! BB came over last night and hung out for a while, but two of the group are coming over tonight for doc to feed. beer on the patio for everyone! okay, not for me. but for everyone else, huzzah!

i hated having people over to the apartment because there was no seating and no room and all the clutter and cats and being quiet because mike was such a bastard about quiet. now it's fun. if we get too noisy, we just come inside and there is plenty of room and plenty of seating and very little clutter (okay, so i still haven't finished unpacking).

i called doc on his break to ask him to bring home coffee and milk and he picks up the phone and says first, "i know, get milk." "and coffee," i said. we got a coupon for free coffee sunday from BB and doc picked it up monday. it was only 11 ounces of grounds, so it didn't last long with me around. but hey, it was free. so we're almost out of that. i expected him to be mad, but he just laughed at me. and then with me. that's the way it is now. it's so different.

i'm afraid of the dark tonight for some reason. i was sitting on the porch smoking and i suddenly got very paranoid about the dark places surrounding me. just the old paranoia coming through i guess. i'm not letting it stop me from having a good night. i plan to take a short nap from 9-10 on the patio and nothing is stopping me. except if the guys get here early. heh.