September 3rd, 2012

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  • Mon, 06:08: RT @AJEnglish: Ahmed Negm's poems are in #Egyptian street slang, merging inside working class jokes with the reality of #oppression | ht ...
  • Mon, 06:32: RT @LOLGOP: I love it when the people who want bigotry against gay couples written into the Constitution accuse others of dividing people.
  • Mon, 10:22: flies are as stupid as people. if the thing you are landing on is actively trying to kill you, DON'T.
  • Mon, 10:24: STILL no more than three hours sleep. something is going to die today. i feel like spray painting my room today, it's THAT kind of day.
  • Mon, 11:20: what the fuck was that?!?!? . . . .