August 27th, 2012

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  • Sun, 14:41: i can't find my zip drive. or an extra network cable. though i did find a keyboard and mouse to use. yay me.
  • Sun, 14:42: RT @mwsmedia: 24 hours left to pledge in the Kickstarter for "Pilgrimage," the sequel to "Brave Men Run." Click the link. Thanks! http:/ ...
  • Sun, 17:49: i found my cameras! doc is going out to get me batteries. i also need an SD card for my small cam and a flash drive for a prezzie for kelli.
  • Sun, 19:15: a blast from the past contains a question i'm still asking . . . via @youtube
  • Mon, 07:21: i will not apologize or feel embarrassed that i think my cats are the coolest thing in my little world.
  • Mon, 08:09: Todd #Akin could just pass a law that all legitimate rapists wear condoms. bam! controversy solved. right?
  • Mon, 09:34: doc did something to my bathroom . . . it smells all girly now. kind of nice.
  • Mon, 09:37: RT @neiltyson: The first crewed spacecraft to Mars should be named the "Armstrong". That works on so many levels.
  • Mon, 09:56: RT @mwsmedia: RT @spiritualtramp: 8 hours and $223 to go to hit the stretch goal for a Pilgrimage podcast by @mwsmedia! ...
  • Mon, 10:04: RT @BorowitzReport: Half a billion dollars have been spent on campaign ads so far. It's a good thing our schools and roads are in great ...
2013, cyd, new

again i say yay!

you may remember i ordered copies of the book and chapbooks i self-published 6 years ago on they arrived today. and they are beautiful. glossy covers, accurate formatting (i give myself credit for that) and the images on the covers are true. now just to read them. i glanced through them, of course. i remembered a couple of pieces but most of it was completely new to me. doc suggested that maybe i needed the disconnect from my work to get back to it someday.

my friend, Matt, made his kickstarter goal for funding for his new novel. i'm so proud of him. he's the one who inspired me to write poetry in the first place. he's also the first person i ever journaled to. we used to write epic letters to each other in high school. my love of writing is all him and he continues to be an inspiration to me.