August 20th, 2012

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daily haiku here
the title was part of it
so i guess i'm done

i love haiku.

the todd aiken comments on "legitimate rape" has me completely furious. the old white bastard has until tomorrow evening to step down, and i hope he does it. if not, humiliating loss for GOP.

freddie had ALL of her toys out this morning. i just put them away in her cubby. she's now standing, meowing at the cubby for capturing her toys. now's the part where she takes them all out again.

i finally watched the Wire. well, i'm in the process of watching it. it is as brilliant as everyone said it was. Idris Elba is amazing in it. it's snarky and dramatic, just the way i like my crime dramas. and there's not a lot of exposition, just enough.

doc got a new futon mattress for the couch this weekend, it's easily twice as thick as the one we had on it and it has a decorative cover on it with stars and suns and swirls. it's light olive green with dark olive patterns. i love it. i slept on it yesterday, as did doc. and he got it for $20. the covers i was looking at for the mattress we had were all around $60. so big deal there. i'm calling my decorating Thrift Store Chic Home Edition.

i have two pair of skinny jeans. one pair is lady cut and doesn't fit me, my waist is too big. my other pair is a pair of men's cut 501s and as of today they fit me again. top button done comfortably and everything. i'm very excited. and my black flag tshirt fits me more loosely.

which reminds me. and @Rockabilia on twitter. if you are looking for band items past and present, this is the place to order from. i just got a reminder notice about my back ordered shirt and the same offer to order something else instead. these people have customer service down. use them. get yourself a pink floyd shower curtain.
2013, cyd, new

oh my

i looked at my book, Hurt, last night. what a fucking mess. and we submitted it to a major publisher that way. no wonder it was rejected. i have to totally go through it and rework it before i can even consider sending it out again. even if i do with a small indie publisher.

jesus, what drugs was i on when i wrote that? seroquel. uh huh. and i wrote it only a year after i had ECT. i couldn't even read it. i skimmed it and looked at the layout. we included some random photos i took in it, which i will take out. and poetry that has to do with my illness that i will leave in. but the major part, oog.

i need help. no. i can do this on my own. i can write a book. how fucking hard can it be? it's autobiographical, after all.