August 19th, 2012

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i haven't been talkative. i haven't been social at all, really. we've had people over and i just haven't felt like being around them. i've been twittering, but mainly pictures.

doc got a new futon mattress for the couch today. it has a pattern on it that matches the pattern i put on the ikea cabinet. swirls and suns and stars. it's also way thicker than the one we had on there. very comfy. i'm contemplating taking a nap on it. none of the colors in here match, and i'm starting to love it. i call it Thrift Store Chic for the Home. i'm going to start a new trend.

i woke up this morning thinking it was monday. oog. that was a moment of panic. then i saw doc wasn't home, figured he must be at the swap meet with the guys, and stopped panicking. i need to keep better track of the days.