August 17th, 2012

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medication is important

i was stupid today and didn't take my meds until after 1pm. there was only an hour or so of abject misery and panic. so it wasn't that bad. but i really have to take them when i get up in the morning. no more putting it off because i feel pretty good.

plus i'm all hormonal and PMS-y.

this carpet shows everything. i vacuumed today and it really needed it. plus i like the stripeys in the nap of the carpet from the vacuum.

today is black cat appreciation day. so appreciate your black cats. i've been appreciating mine all day and sort of appreciating the black and white one. they're all on crack today or something so they're driving me crazy. i got a half an hour's peace after i ran the vacuum, now they're all running around nutballs again.

it sucks about Pussy Riot. but two years in prison is better than the 7 they were up for. it makes me glad i live in a free country. i hate Putin.