August 16th, 2012

2013, cyd, new

the cat's in the window howling

we've been here how long and haven't unpacked yet? yep. we are stoppable.

i'm having a weird day. not bad. just . . . i can't get enough light. i spent a lot of time on the patio today just to be outside in the light. now the sun is going down and i'm getting salty.

as soon as the sun goes down, the cats start circling like sharks for wet food. tonight it is annoying me, unless i turn on the light in the kitchen. it's like switching on a light in my brain. i'm going to feed the cats early and put on the first two disks of the Wire.

i've never seen the Wire, and until Anthony Bourdain mentioned it in a show once, had never heard of it. now it seems i hear about nothing else. so i'm going to watch it and see what all the noise is about. it's supposed to be the best cop drama ever. i've heard nothing but fabulous things about it.

so i guess i'll go feed the cats and put that on. then i can stare at the lit laptop (im prefer to watch DVDs on my laptop, it has a better picture than the TV).