August 9th, 2012

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i stopped eating some days ago. not out of any decision i made, my stomach is acting up. i'm losing the weight i put back on, though. that's cool. i can deal with that. once my stomach stops the food boycott, i'm sure i'll gain the weight back, but hey, it happens. i will enjoy skinny while i've got it.

i think the sniffles and slobbers and sneezes and limps are all over here. jack has fully recovered. leeloo still gets antibiotics every evening and she's getting cosequin supplements for her joints. felix and sai sai are working out who's mommy i am. it sounds like a snake pit in here sometimes. and freddie is freddie. her head is still too small and her belly too fat and she's going to stay that way and i love it. silly looking kitten.

i'm feeling much more stable than i was last time i posted, even though i found out today that my hotmail was also used for spam and suspended. i got that taken care of. whatever. this shit happens on the internet. the rest is coincidence. as far as the crashing jet, it was nice of doc to believe me, but i fear it was a hallucination. the voices are getting louder, i've been seeing things. just nothing full blown until the jet thing. oy.

those don't happen that often.