August 7th, 2012

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i watched a dragonfly die today. sad. a bird dropped it out of the tree. i held it and talked to it and said a little prayer for it. then i put it gently on the table. i hate watching things die. at least it didn't have regular eyes to look terrified at the last moment. that's the worst.

on to happier things . . .

Sai Sai is short for Simon, we all know that. turns out it's also short for Psycho. which he is. he bit me in my sleep last night. i have no idea what offense i committed but he bit me hard. left fang trails on my wrist. then he ran off. i grabbed my wrist and went back to sleep.

my bed is becoming the most comfy thing ever. but only for one. half of the bed is taken up by pillows and stuffed animals. it's great to snuggle up in. i want my books, it would be great to read in there. i still don't know if i'm going to build a box tent around it. i have drawers to move in from the garage that could go at the end of the bed to form the essential third wall. the big problem is that i don't know what to make the tent part out of. i used to have a giant Indian print sheet that i hung over the last tent i had, but i don't have that anymore. i'm thinking maybe of going with camo webbing, but i'm not sure.
2013, cyd, new

the dragonfly lives!

i came outside at noon, before i went to sleep for the day, and the poor thing, which had stopped moving, was still twitching. so i picked it up gently by two of its wings and as i lifted it to my hand, it flew off. unsteady, to be sure, but alive. cool!

i'm sitting on the patio listening to Pink on my laptop writing this. what a great feeling.